Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Angel's Story


A longtime ago, Rainbow the dog was hungry and she saw a sparkly fish, and then the werewolf comes, they fight each other and the werewolf was sorry about Rainbow is so hungry. They fell in love and have a baby.But one day, the werewolf goes on the road to find food. And then the bus hit him. He died.Rainbow run away and find a new home. The Box! Zipper the puppy grew like his father. What happen?

The babysitter is so evil! Very Very evil! She wants to take over the house. She wants to be like a princess.She says that zipper will be her servant! And even she wants rainbow to be her servant when rainbow comes back! Zipper has a plan...... :3

Zipper do lots of funny things to her, She got angry and she wanted to kill Zipper, But how will he stop the babysitter by ruleing his own house? Will he stop her or will she rule forever? ;3